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How Facebook gives an asymmetric advantage to negative messaging – TechCrunch

Few Facebook critics are as credible as Roger McNamee, the managing spouse at Elevation Partners. As an early investor in Facebook, McNamee used to be most effective just a mentor to Mark Zuckerberg but in addition introduce him to Sheryl Sandberg.

So it’s onerous to underestimate the importance of McNamee’s increasingly more public complaint of Facebook over the past couple of years, specifically within the mild of the rising Cambridge Analytica hurricane.

According to McNamee, Facebook pioneered the development of a tech corporate on “human emotions”. Given that the social community is aware of all of our “emotional hot buttons”, McNamee believes, there’s “something systemic” about the best way that 3rd events can “destabilize” our democracies and economies. McNamee noticed this in 2016 with each the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom and the American Presidential election and concluded that Facebook does, certainly, give “asymmetric advantage” to negative messages.

McNamee nonetheless believes that Facebook may also be fastened. But Zuckerberg and Sandberg, he insists, each have to be “honest” about what’s came about and acknowledge its “civic responsibility” in strengthening democracy. And tech can do its section too, McNamee believes, in acknowledging and confronting what he calls its “dark side”.

McNamee is indisputably doing this. He has now teamed up with ex Google ethicist Tristan Harris within the introduction of The Center for Human Technology — an alliance of Silicon Valley notables devoted to “realigning technology with humanity’s best interests.”

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