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When the President adjustments our nation so tremendously, will we now have a brand new idea of what’s standard? If our social media feeds consist of individuals who assume identical to us, how are we able to be expecting social exchange? And why can we at all times think the long run will probably be higher than the previous? In the newest episode of the Interesting People in Interesting Times podcast, Maria Konnikova, creator of The Confidence Game, explains what Trump’s lies do for your mind, why we fall for the similar methods each and every time, and how humanity is hardwired for hope–and why that’s problematic. Konnikova discusses the thought of converting norms: how we behave as a society, the place we get our concepts about the best way to act, and how fastened vs. malleable they’re. She explains that what drives all human conduct is understated. We would a lot reasonably be preferred then we might be proper. “Throughout history, human beings want to go with the majority, rather than be the one person doing the morally right thing to do,” she says. 

While social norms can exchange in no time and particularly so, when pushed by means of any individual able of authority biases, on the different hand, are deeply set. And consider it or no longer, the maximum problematic bias we now have as a society is our optimism. Humanity is hardwired for hope, and that’s what assists in keeping getting us into a hassle. Look at the Mueller investigations,” Konnikova says. “[Our reaction to that is] ‘Oh, well, this time, something’s, in reality, going to stay.’ You may just see it going down even earlier than the election. People pronouncing Donald Trump isn’t going to win the nomination. After that, it was once: ‘Oh, he’s by no means going to just accept.’ Then it was once ‘Oh, but he’s no longer, in reality, going to win.’  [Then it became] ‘he’s no longer going to just accept the presidency.’ And now ‘he’s going to be impeached.’ This is all an entire fable. We’re all nonetheless hopelessly positive. The incontrovertible fact that we expect the following day goes to be higher than as of late is what will get us out of the mattress. Unfortunately, it’s additionally what’s going to stay Trump in place of business.

Speaking of what’s going to stay Trump in place of business, Konnikova talks about Facebook and the bubble of distraction that era builds around us. She describes the idea of cognitive load: your mind can handiest maintain such a lot, and when you’ll sift thru the entirety, you begin to simply settle for it. Companies like Facebook have a responsibility to recognize that their platforms are incredibly powerful. Who reads my feed? People who agree with me. So with something like gun control, if we want to drive the change we need to get leaders within key communities Republicans, members of the NRA, gun owners, to speak out. We can’t keep talking to one another and think we’re making a difference.

The genius of Trump’s approach is that he figures out the version of the world that would make you happy. Are we losing jobs? I’ll give you jobs. You feel that the country is about people who are the liberal elite? Well, I’m not the liberal elite, I’m about you. So he looks everyone in the eye and he tells them their version of the world [is the right one.] That’s what the best con artists do. And what are you going to do when someone tells you the world is exactly how you suspected? You’re going to say There you go, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying all these years. One of the techniques by which Trump is in a position to do what he does is thru sheer repetition. When you are saying one thing that’s false over and over and over, folks get started pondering it’s, in reality, true, as a result of the mind will get used to it. Humans are lazy, Konnikova provides. We like the status quo. It’s nice to be told ‘Don’t worry about it. We’ve got it handled. It will all be fine. Interesting People in Interesting Times is a podcast hosted by means of Tom Goodwin and Adriana Stan. This episode was once recorded final month at Soho House New York.

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