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The BBC reporters who strip off to host The Naked Podcast

Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne
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Best pals within the buff: Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne

“It’s awkward, it’s embarrassing, but everyone is on the same level,” giggle Jenny Eels and Kat Harbourne, the ladies at the back of The Naked Podcast.

The pair strip off with an interviewee simply prior to the podcast dialog starts.

The query, in fact, is why?

“When Kat came up with the idea, I forced her to do it. I thought it was brilliant and bold being naked,” says Jenny.

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They promise “frank, funny and fearless conversations”

“I suppose we needed to see if, with out clothes, do folks actually expose all? Do folks talk extra brazenly?

“From the women we’ve got spoken to, they completely, maximum without a doubt do.”

Jenny chips in: “People had been so open and utterly fair – that’s what flabbergasted me. It’s stuck my breath, it is been in reality fairly emotional in that recognize.”

The bold duo had been willing to discover problems surrounding frame symbol and nudity for their podcast, which is launched by way of BBC Radio Sheffield, the place they’re each reporters.

There shall be 10 episodes within the collection, and Radio Sheffield is operating quite a few tales about frame symbol and identification this week to tie in.

Kat says the podcast used to be private for her. “For me, one of the crucial issues used to be that we are each now in in our 30s, and girls particularly spend a very long time in need of to alternate their our bodies, to get thinner, to get more fit, to get a greater tan, to have curly hair or immediately hair,” she says.

‘Breaking the cycle of adverse self symbol’

“It struck me what an enormous waste of time this used to be.

“If I glance again at a photograph of myself years in the past, I feel, ‘Wow, I appeared good.’ But on the time, I assumed I appeared fats or unpleasant or now not fairly proper.

“Imagine if we spoke to peculiar ladies about peculiar struggles, to see if one way or the other we will smash the cycle of adverse self symbol, now not only for ourselves however for different ladies?”

They admit getting bare for an interview “is not everyone’s cup of tea”. But then “you calm down just a little and there is a actual agree with, as a result of to get bare with somebody is fairly a large deal”.

It did not deter their visitors, who come with a existence style, a self-proclaimed “poo woman” with inflammatory bowel illness and an ostomy bag, and a Muslim girl who stated the primary bare individual she noticed used to be her husband, once they were given married.

“A large number of the tales we heard we simplest discovered as a result of we did the podcast,” provides Kat.

One of the saddest issues to emerge used to be how most of the ladies had been “down on themselves and their our bodies”, says Kat.

‘Hilarious moments’

“It in point of fact stunned me – I assumed, we are sitting with sturdy, tough clever, humorous ladies. But I heard simply what number of adverse issues they have stated to themselves.”

Jenny is fast to upload that there have been some “hilarious” moments too, including them asking the women what name they gave to their “bits” once they had been more youthful.

“One of the funniest used to be ‘foof’,” she says with a roar of laughter.

But one severe factor to frequently emerge used to be the affect folks will have on their youngsters’s frame symbol.

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Just the recording apparatus and 3 bare folks…

“A number of women we spoke to talked about the impact of their mums being on diets, staring in the mirror saying ‘I’m fat today’ and ‘I need to lose weight’ – they grew up thinking that’s what women did,” says Kat.

Jenny provides: “One lady said the fact her mum was constantly on a diet shaped how she felt about her body growing up, and acceptance of how she looked.”

Diets and frame self assurance arise fairly so much all over the podcasts.

‘Her mum slapped her’

Kat speaks movingly about existence drawing style Alison, who used to be considered one of their visitors and who mentioned rising up in a strict non secular family, the place topics like intercourse had been by no means mentioned.

“She came downstairs as a child to tell her mum she’d started her period, and her mum slapped her, saying, ‘We don’t talk about things like that’.”

Alison did not get an apology till a few years later, when her mom used to be on her deathbed.

“Afterwards, Alison said, ‘I hadn’t thought about that in so long.’ It came back to her in our conversation,” Jenny provides.

These revealing conversations happen both in Jenny or Kat’s properties, or someplace the interviewees in finding comfy, reminiscent of in an artwork studio for Alison.

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They pair say they’re now a lot happier in their very own skins

“Every woman has said, within five minutes of us talking, ‘You forget you’re naked’,” laughs Jenny, including that everybody stated they discovered the revel in extremely “positive”.

While folks additionally strip off for TV displays like Naked Attraction, How to Look Good Naked and The Full Monty, Kat says the ones programmes “treat nudity as a shock tactic, to get you scrutinising other people’s bodies”.

Instead, she says their podcast conversations are about “empowerment”. She says: “It’s audio only, so you’re not distracted by what you’re looking at – it’s very intimate.”

And for Jenny and Kat, it’s been life-changing.

“We started this about a year ago, and I now feel about 100% better about my own body from doing this,” says Jenny.

Kat has been reworked by way of the revel in, announcing even though it used to be “really hard” stripping off, she feels “so strong and happy and powerful”.

‘Waste of time pondering we are fats’

“One of the explanations for doing the podcast is my mum had Huntington’s illness and died when she used to be 54. It’s a genetic situation and I have were given a 50% probability of having it. I have now not had the check.

“It makes you suppose – no one is aware of what’s to come one day and lets stroll out of doors and be hit by way of a bus. Anything can occur.

“It’s this kind of waste of time pondering we are fats when in reality our our bodies are in best possible operating order.

“Now I am getting house and stand in entrance of the reflect bare, and it is made me realise I am much more in a position to doing issues I did not suppose I may do. The messages I inform myself don’t seem to be all the time true.”

Last weekend, she ran her first half-marathon.

“I by no means ever concept I would be in a position to do this.

“But through speaking to these women and hearing their achievements, this shared conversation made me go, whatever we tell ourselves we can do, we can be positive, we can help ourselves, we can help other people.”

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